Getting started

Find your shows.

Search for your favorite shows and select help_save_icon.png to save upcoming episodes for 30 days. See something you might like? Save it! There’s no limit on how many shows you can save. Best of all, with DVR recordings, you can fast forward and rewind without restrictions. 




Explore your channels.

Take a closer look at any channel by searching for it or selecting its logo. You’ll find the channel’s schedule of recently aired and upcoming broadcasts, and the most popular shows and movies others are watching. With Philo’s 72-hour Rewind, most content is available to watch for 3 days after airing. (On Roku, hold OK on the Live page to go to the Channel Profile.)


Try something new.

Not sure what to watch next? Browse around! The Home page lists what’s trending now, the top shows on Philo, and new, upcoming content. Remember to save anything that catches your interest! There’s no DVR limit. (On Roku, press down on the Player for Options, click Show Info, and then click Save.)


Watch Philo on your Roku.

Try Philo on your Roku with a few quick steps:

1. Download and open the Philo app.
2. Click Sign in.
3. Enter your mobile number or email address.
4. Tap the link texted to your phone/email and you're in!

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