How to join Philo's beta program

About the beta program

We’re passionate about creating a great TV experience, so Philo’s apps are tested multiple times before they reach your screens. The last step before they’re released to the app stores is something called beta testing — this is where users like you download a newer, pre-release version of Philo to try out. You might run into some bugs… but that’s a good thing! With feedback from our beta testers, we can catch those pesky bugs before they make it to the official Philo app.

What we’re looking for

We’re seeking current Philo subscribers who are interested in trying out new features, searching for bugs, and sharing feedback with us.

How to join

If you’re interested in participating in our beta program, please fill out (Link opens in a new tab)this form. We’ll reach out with further details if you’re eligible.

What to expect

Our beta program is set up through a team messaging platform called (Link opens in a new tab)Slack. If you’re eligible to participate, you’ll receive an email invitation to join our Slack server. All of our communications to you will be sent through Slack, and your feedback should also be submitted on Slack as well.

Never used Slack before? Don't worry, we'll guide you through the setup process and are available for questions and assistance.

Supported platforms

Philo currently offers beta apps on the following platforms:

  • Roku

  • Apple TV + iOS

  • Android TV + Android mobile

We don’t offer beta apps for Fire TV or Samsung TV at this time.