TV Everywhere

Some programmers make their content available through websites and apps — this is called TV Everywhere.

You can watch all of our content in the Philo app. But if you’re looking for more flexibility, your subscription also lets you use the TV Everywhere apps provided by our network partners. Simply select Philo as your TV provider to sign in and enjoy!

This table shows where the TV Everywhere apps are available for each channel. If a channel is not listed on this page, that means TVE sign-in with Philo is not available for that channel.

All channels are available through the Philo app. See (Link opens in a new tab)Supported devices for details on where you can watch with Philo directly.

EPIX has been rebranded to MGM+. However, the TV Everywhere website remains the same. Click here to sign in to TV Everywhere for MGM+ using Philo.

Android TV
Apple TV
Fire TV

TV Everywhere sign-in varies, but it typically goes like this:

  1. Download and open the app on your compatible device. Or, visit the website to watch on your computer.

  2. Select locked content to watch.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for sign-in. When prompted to select a TV provider, choose Philo. You may need to select View All Providers, Other Providers, etc. to find us.

  4. Enter your Philo credentials and you're in!