Fast forward & ad rules

Fast forward and advertisement rules depend on the channel and whether the program is on-demand. There are three experiences:

  1. You can fast forward through anything you saved! 👏
  2. You can fast forward but the last ad break is required (... unless you watched it already). You can't start fast forwarding during an unwatched ad break.
  3. You cannot fast forward past the furthest point you have watched.


➡️ Step forward
Fast forward (1x, 2x, 3x)
⬅️ Step back
Rewind (1x, 2x, 3x)
⏯  or OK    Play
Back Cancel


➡️ Step forward
⬅️ Step back
Space bar or Enter    Play
Esc Cancel 


Swipe left Fast forward
Swipe right Rewind
Tap center thumb image    Play
Tap help_ios_x.png Cancel


help_android_forward.png on the right side of the video player    Step forward
help_android_rewind.png on the left side of the video player Step back
Tap center thumb image Play
Tap outside thumb stream Cancel 

Remember, you can always watch a live broadcast in realtime by Jumping to Live.

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