Saved shows (DVR)

Screenshot Philo-Roku Saved

You can save anything currently airing or scheduled to air on Philo and we'll make it available to you for a year. (Legacy subscribers can learn about upgrading to Philo with Unlimited 1-year DVR here). Best of all? With DVR recordings, you can fast forward and rewind to your [object Object]'s content. 

How to save a show

You can save and unsave shows on the show tiles on the Home page, the Guide, or the beneath the episode description on the Show Profile.

  1. Select [object Object] to start recording a show.

  2. Select [object Object] to stop recording a show. 

See your saved shows

  1. Select Saved on the top menu bar.

  2. Select a show to see all the playable and upcoming episodes. You can also view the show's list of seasons and then select the Recordings option to view DVR recordings only. (These recordings are marked with the [object Object] tag).

How to delete episodes

More is more. When a show is saved, all future airings are recorded, no matter whether it's new or a rerun. You cannot delete recordings before their 1-year expiry – with unlimited DVR, there is no need to manage your storage :)