Saved shows (DVR)

Screenshot Philo-Roku Saved

You can save anything currently airing or scheduled to air on Philo and we'll make it available to you for a year. (Legacy subscribers can learn about upgrading to Philo with Unlimited 1-year DVR here). Best of all? With DVR recordings, you can fast forward and rewind to your [object Object]'s content. 

How to save a show

You can save and unsave shows on the show tiles on the Home page, the Guide, or the beneath the episode description on the Show Profile.

  1. Select [object Object] to start recording a show.

  2. Select [object Object] to stop recording a show. 

See your saved shows

  1. Select Saved on the top menu bar.

  2. Select a show to see all the playable and upcoming episodes. Recordings are marked with the [object Object] tag.

How to delete episodes

More is more. When a show is saved, all future airings are recorded, no matter whether it's new or a rerun. You cannot delete recordings before their 1-year expiry – with unlimited DVR, there is no need to manage your storage :)