How can I delete my account?

Please be aware, when you delete your account, you’ll immediately be signed out of Philo everywhere and will no longer have access to Philo content.

We’re sad to see you go! Please review your options below for next steps.

If you’re currently (Link opens in a new tab)billed by Apple, and you're using an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, you’ll first need to (Link opens in a new tab)cancel your Philo subscription. After canceling, and after using any remaining subscription time you've paid for, visit your (Link opens in a new tab)Account Settings page and click Delete account.

delete-account apple 2

If you’re not currently billed by Apple, you may cancel your Philo Subscription Service by going to (Link opens in a new tab), then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Cancel my subscription.

After you cancel your service, we retain certain parts of your information, including your name, email address, and phone number. Our payment processor retains your payment card number to facilitate restarting your Philo Subscription Service unless you click the “remove payment info” button on your Account page.

If you want to delete your Account, you may contact us at (Link opens in a new tab), email us at (Link opens in a new tab) or call us at 855-CSPHILO (855-277-4456), but without an Account, you cannot use the Philo Subscription Service.

After you delete your Account, we may retain information from or about you under applicable law, including for various legal, operational, accounting, and auditing purposes, your information may remain in back-up storage for some period of time, and we cannot delete any Personal Information you consented to be provided to certain third parties.