Live TV, on demand, and more

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With Philo, you don't work around a TV's schedule, it works around yours. Philo seamlessly blends your saved shows with live, recently aired, and on demand episodes for a custom library of never-ending entertainment at your leisure.

Live TV

What's on air right now? Browse everything currently broadcasting on the Guide page – an alphabetized, tiled view of your channel lineup.

Saved shows (DVR)

You can save ([object Object]) anything currently airing or scheduled to air on Philo and we'll make it available to you for 30 days. Best of all? With DVR recordings, you can fast forward and rewind to your [object Object]'s content.

Video on demand

Philo has over 60,000 titles available to watch on-demand – just look for the [object Object] tags on Show Profiles.

72-hour Rewind

Missed something everyone's talking about? Philo lets you replay just about everything that's aired in the last 72 hours.