Browse and watch content at the same time on Roku

Discover your new favorite show while watching your current favorite show! Our “browse while watching” feature lets you keep watching content while you search for other things to check out.   

To start browsing while watching, play something on Philo, and then click [object Object] or [object Object] on your Roku remote.

  • Clicking [object Object] lets you navigate to Philo’s menu pages, including Home and Search.

  • Clicking [object Object] takes you back to the page you were on before playback. This allows you to quickly browse channels or related content. 

Either way, your current video will continue playing in the background.

From there, you can select something else you’ve found to watch, or exit the browsing feature by clicking the [object Object]button on your Roku remote. 

This feature is currently available on Roku devices only, but is coming to other platforms soon! Please note that some older Roku devices (such as models no longer supported by Roku, and a few others) may not be capable of browsing and watching.