AirPlay is an Apple feature that allows you to stream what you’re watching on Philo from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV or Roku.

To start using AirPlay:

  1. Connect your Apple device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or Roku.

  2. Play the video on Philo that you want to watch.

  3. Tap [object Object] in the top-right corner of the player.

  4. Select your Apple TV or Roku from the AirPlay menu. Note: If you've never used AirPlay, you may be required to enter a code on your iPhone or iPad. This code will display on your Apple TV or Roku and is required to confirm the connection.

To exit AirPlay:

  1. Tap [object Object] again. 

  2. Select your iOS device from the menu.

Since Airplay is an Apple feature, please see additional details and troubleshooting tips on their website (Link opens in a new tab)here.